This timelapse is called Earthbag Timelapse, and was created by an awesome Primelapse user on YouTube on YouTube. It is 00:04:37 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 2,200,000 plays on YouTube


Well wow! I can honestly say I never ever ever expected this to get 1000 views, let alone 2 million. Kind of crazy. Anyway, we moved to town last year for a variety of reasons, primarily our new baby and being tired of the 40 min commute. The cabin is two stories now. We’ve had several earthquakes and it’s fine (earth bag homes survived the earthquake in Haiti too, btw.) We’ll be finishing the interior this summer and will make an updated video then.

And no, that was not the roof. That was the floor for our second story. The rocks were for holding the barbed wire down. And you know what, I’m not sorry about the Dragonforce. However, if I knew it’d get 2 million views I would not have included copyrighted music. Alas.

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