This timelapse is called INTESA SANPAOLO – PRAVEX BANK, and was created by Matthias Zentner on Vimeo. It is 00:01:00 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 1,400 plays on Vimeo


intesa sanpaolo – pravex bank

in the uncertain times of the world financial crisis, the banks are trying to win back the confidence of their clients. relying on their strong fundament, the italian intesa bank engaged the fredfilms production and the director matthias zentner to show how even fragile things can sustain in a bad weather.
zentner symbolized this trough all stages of a lifetime of a flower; the stand-alone on an empty field, daring the forces of nature without relenting.
the gentle peonia had the honor of the leading role in this drama, expressing the orange color of the banks logo. the thunder storm, rain and snow; all kinds of weather try to break our fragile plant. the fact that the flower endures all elements, confirms its strength and confidence. the good metaphorical addition is achieved at the end of a commercial where a gentle, but credibly powerful woman, symbolizes the banks strength. the release of the bird held in her hands stands for the clients freedom to move.
the commercial is running in egypt, russia and the whole bunch of east european countries: albania, bosnia & herzegovina, croatia, bulgaria, romania, serbia, slovakia, slovenia and ukraine. the commercial was done in one long day shooting, including the night .

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