This timelapse is called The Little Nordics – Life in miniature, and was created by DAMPDESIGN on Vimeo. It is 00:03:31 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 250,000 plays on Vimeo


There are numerous time lapse videos of Iceland and Norway showing the beauty of their remote landscapes. But when you’re in the mountains, looking down, you see so many things happening. Especially in places like Geiranger (Norway) where ferries are sailing back and forth through the fjords, kayak cruises arriving and departing and cars crawling up and down the steep roads. I wanted to portray this like you are watching an ants hill, which gives such a funny perspective on things.

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To answer some photographers questions. All footage is shot with the Panasonice GH3, Canon 7D and 650D. Most footage in Norway on the 7D with the 50mm f1.8. Interval 1 image p/s with intervalometer. In Iceland I have mainly used the GH3 with continuous shutter. Lenses on the GH3 were the Voightländer 25mm f0.95 and the Lumix 35-100. The tilt shift effect is added in post with Lens blur and a keyframed depth pass.

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