This timelapse is called MUNICH IN MOTION, and was created by Greg Kiss on Vimeo. It is 00:03:37 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 330,000 plays on Vimeo


Please watch in FULLSCREEN & HD with volume up for best quality.

I love TIME-LAPSE photography! And Bavaria’s capital MUNICH! And the music of THE AMERICAN DOLLAR! From the bottom of my heart. And this is what I made of it. MUNICH IN MOTION is made of over 25,000 still photographs shot on the Canon 1DX (except three scenes) between September 2012 and January 1st 2013 (approximately 150h of pre/post/production).

“First Day” by ‘The American Dollar’ | | Download a free compilation of 9 of their best tracks here:

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