This timelapse is called Paper Veil – Ocean Home, and was created by an awesome Primelapse user on YouTube.


Published on 30 Oct 2015

Paper Veil – Ocean Home – The first single of upcoming “EP One.”

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within your slumber
I’ll wait till you come back
you’ve set foot upon the lands
but you’ll be mine in the end

marry with good will
let her bear your little children
I hope they are strong ones
I hope you’ll hold their brittle hands

dry the tears they weep
and let them keep you warm
you know you’ll only sleep
in my cold velvet arms

let your marionettes dance
on a song of romance
on someone else’s song of love
say it is good enough

make her sigh
all the gasps of delight
slide in her arms and kisses
as if it’s where your heart is

parade with your bride
her veil a crispy white
it frames her pretty face
like the foam on my waves

you know it’s home
it’s still all home
it’s just home when you see the sea
that’s why your heart belongs to me

you know it’s home
it’s still all home
I’m your home, I am the sea
you’re only home when you’re with me

you know it’s home
it’s still all home
you’ll come back to my heart of blue
so I’ll be the death of you

you know your home
it’s still all home
you’ll rush back to my bed
so I’ll be your death

Mara Newman: Vocals and Choirs
Hermann Newman: Drums, Synthesizers

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