This timelapse is called Star Trails Over Cape Town, and was created by Eric Nathan on Vimeo. It is 00:01:25 long. The last time we checked (on April 17th, 2015), it had around 1,400 plays on Vimeo


BEST VIEWED IN HD (CLICK ON “HD” IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE VIDEO WINDOW ABOVE). Time-lapse video sequence of star trails over Table Mountain captured during a 15 hour camp-out on Lion’s Head in Cape Town, South Africa. The sequence was captured with a Nikon D3X camera from approximately 9:30pm to 1pm the next day and comprises 1550 30-second exposures. The star ‘tails’ are an effect created in post-production to highlight the motion of the stars. The music is a piece called ‘Seven Moons’ written, composed and performed by MUSICalchemy. A composite still image of the star trails from this sequence can be viewed here:

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