This timelapse is called Sunset at Linnanmäki hill, and was created by Janoshx on Vimeo. It is 00:00:47 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 134 plays on Vimeo


This is the first proper sunset video i managed to take. It seems that summer my luck with sunsets haven’t been too good. Usually there is no clouds at all or the sky us just grey with no sun. The best sky for sunsets should have at least some clouds so you can really see some beautiful color play during sunset

There is still a bit flickering happening because the change of exposure time and ISO setting. I shot this with Magic lantern ETTR mode with Canon 5Dmk2. I think next time i’ll go with full manual exposure mode and manually change only the ISO setting… I should also try to deflicker it better in Lightroom. Then again that may lead to unwanted camera shake. The exposure interval in this one is again 3 seconds and the camera is moving about 30° upwards in my dolly. My dolly is DC motor powered thus not super accurate. If i would try to go upwards in 45° angle then the sled would actually start to slide backwards on pause because my dolly step down gear ratio doesn’t make enough friction to keep the sled in place… I have to either fix some kind friction break or build new gear system…

Video is shot wit 5Dmk2 + Magic lantern firware. I made the dolly slider by myself and it is controlled via DP MX200 controller




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