This timelapse is called The Lausanne Experience, and was created by an awesome Primelapse user on YouTube.


Published on 28 Nov 2015

Have you ever watched Lausanne in a motion time-lapse? ⎹   This is called a city ★HYPERLAPSE★ !

Experience the beautiful city of Lausanne SWITZERLAND.   ⎹   © A time lapse movie by Sylvain Botter.


Time-lapse photography is a technique in videography in which the frequency when the frame rate is captured is lower than the needed frequency in viewing the sequence back. Once the film frames are viewed at the standard speed, that’s when lapsing happens at which time appears to move faster. An ordinary person may see it as if the time is being manipulated where events and objects can be viewed in a span of like seconds or minutes.

Along with the ides of time lapse is hyperlapse which is a disclosure technique associated in time-lapse cinematography. The concept is to place the camera in a position where it can be changed once in a while for each exposure to make a tracking shot with sequences in time-lapse. In hyperlapse photography, the position of the camera tends to change over time to distant locations.

If you want to go to the most beautiful places the Swiss city of Laussane then watching this short motion time lapse film will bring you to the destination. Within 14 days, this one year project has been done after gathering greater than 3600 photos which are produced frame after a frame. Using a city hyperlapse, this video will make Lausanne know to all people worldwide. The video will let you explore the special features and assets of the city along with the urban landscape that it is widely known for. By combining time lapse (fast-tracked picture sequence) and hyperlapse (moving fast-tracked picture sequence), this short film can provide an ideal and fresh outlook on this city destination while giving people the opportunity to get the first impression of Lausanne. Once they get interested of the city, they will also be eager to visit and discover the other cities in the neighborhood.

00:0000:10 → From the point of view of « le signal de Sauvabelin » to the « tour du Beffroi » of the Lausanne Cathedral
00:1000:20 → The nave of the Cathedral of Lausanne
00:2000:33 → Day to night time-lapse of the “quartier du Flon”, Bel-air and the “Grand-Pont” bridge of the town.
00:3300:39 → Hyperlapse and Vertigo effect along the « voie du Chariot » dans le quartier du Flon.
00:4000:44 → Cruiseship on the « Lac Léman » (Geneva Lake) on a steamboat of the CGN
00:4500:50 → Along the « quai d’ouchy »
00:5000:56 → Olympic Museum of Lausanne
00:5701:00 → « Palais de Rumine » and « Place de la Riponne »
01:0101:07 → City view of Lausanne from the « tour de Beffroi »
01:0801:16 → View of the « Pont de Bessières » and the « Cathédrale de Lausanne »
01:1701:22 → Moving inside the metro of Lausanne (M2)
01:2301:31 → Walking trough the « Rue de Bourg »
01:3201:45 → Day/night timelapse and view from the « Esplanade de la Cathédrale »
01:4601:53 → Escaliers du marché de Lausanne
01:5402:02 → Statue de la justice and « Horloge de la place de la Palud » (« il a sonné… »)
02:0302:08 → « Casino de Montbenon » from the « Esplanade de Montbenon » and the statue of Guillaume Tell
02:0902:13 → Fondation de l’Hermitage (museum)
02:1402:23 → Time-lapse jour nuit de l’eole d’Ouchy

The music has been composed and produced by the fabulous musician Reid Willis. Don’t hesitate to visit his website or buy his music, he is very talented!

To contact him:……

Number of pictures   ⎹   3672
Number of hours of planning and scouting  ⎹   46 hours
Number of days of shooting  ⎹   14 days
Number of hours of shooting  ⎹   82 hours
Number of hours of editing and sound  ⎹   117 hours
Total of hours for full project  ⎹   249 hours
Video started in   ⎹   October 2014
Duration   ⎹ 11 months
1 sec of video is   ⎹   1 hour of work.

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