This timelapse is called Time-lapse reel featuring linear, circular and camera motion control ( beta test footage inc.) VIMEO, and was created by Chris Bedyk on Vimeo. It is 00:01:34 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 6,100 plays on Vimeo


I spent the last 3 years building a motorized time-lapse dolly that runs on a track and a motorized time-lapse car to assist me as a DOP in shooting unique footage for Getty Images, lifestyle shows, commercials, features, tv shows and docs. Well you get the idea. Having a track based system enables me to repeat moves for special effects and gives the ability to go over harsh environments such as rocks, water, plants and uneven surfaces. The land based rig allows me the freedom to create time-lapse footage anywhere a flat hard surface is available. It can cruise at fast or slow speeds as the camera explores urban environments. Turns left, right with reverse. I have been utilizing some of Kessler Cranes gear such as motors, camera gimbals and controllers in my custom gear. I also use the Kessler Oracle and Revolution head for the camera movement. Their gear is friggin awesome!

I hope to post some of the behind the scenes Timelapse I shot when on assignment with Twilight- Breaking Dawn.

I have 160 feet of linear track, Circular track is 80″ in diameter, Camera pan = 360 degrees, Camera tilt = 360 degrees, Capacity to shoot time lapse up to a year. up to 4K resolution.

I have some special announcements to make in the next month or two. I will also update when some fresh time lapse footage is ready for your eyes. So follow me on twitter.


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