This timelapse is called [Nightfall]: Singapore and the F1 Night Grand Prix Timelapse, and was created by Repro on Vimeo. It is 00:04:04 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 28,000 plays on Vimeo


This video aims to be the first timelapse video of Singapore comprising almost entirely of day-to-night transitions; it showcases various notable areas in and around Southwestern and Central Singapore, and culminates in timelapse sequences of the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix, the first ever and only night race for the F1. Look out for our other timelapse sequence in the [Nightfall] series!

Repro: Lionel, Nawaz, Nicholas, Siyuan

Music: “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” by Coldplay

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