This timelapse is called Welcome to Sigacik, and was created by an awesome Primelapse user on YouTube on YouTube. It is 00:03:24 long. The last time we checked (on March 31st, 2015), it had around 1,400 plays on YouTube


My first time-lapse feature shot in Sigacik, Turkey. The seaside fishing village is known for its mandarin produce and natural beauty. This is a unique place originating from a fortress built as a supply house before armies sailed on to Rhodes from the harbour at the time of the Crusades. In the last century, it has transformed into quaint residential homes and a modest fishing industry flourished around it. The ruins of the ancient city of Teos are nearby where sheep and goats can often be found grazing whilst a lone shepherd keeps watch in the shade of an olive tree. Sandy beaches are also close by and underground springs ensure the water is crystal clear throughout the year.

It is an area of outstanding natural beauty, but it is under increasing threat. Current property development is gradually transforming large parts of the landscape into irregular concrete blocks of apartments that replace fields and trees with unattractive dull buildings and random unorganised car parks. Roads are built cheaply, which quickly require repair work, often carried out unprofessionally. Inadequate drainage means heavy rainfall is often followed by flooding in residential areas. Regretfully, the local authority does not take suitable preventative action and appears to have adopted a more reactionary policy to the needs of local residents.

Whilst the area transforms from being a sleepy fishing village to becoming a bustling tourist resort, I will continue to capture its current beauty with more time-lapse features.
Hope you enjoy them all.

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